September 27, 2011

Sewage Truck Humor!

"A Flush Beats a Full House"
When you flush the toilet, the poop either goes into a sewer line (and leaves your property) OR it gets pumped into a big septic tank in your yard.

And when the septic tank gets FULL of poop (and other nasty stuff), a sewage truck comes along to suck all that gross stuff out!

It's a tough job, and so the folks in the septic tank cleaning business use humor to get through the day. Here's some photos of their jokes at work:

Satisfaction Guaranteed OR 110% of Your Product Back!

(Clock "Read more" to read more.)

Another Load of Politicans' Promises

Got Poop?

Money in the Tank:
You Think Your Job Sucks?

Back Off! 
We ain't haulin' milk.

We Haul Milk on Weekends

Thanks for flushing our business down the drain!

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  1. To me, you're doing the very good perform. Carry on this.


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