October 17, 2011

Ever wonder what a hedgehog tastes like?

Daily Mail
There’s no easy way to say this: A guy named Jonathan McGowan has been eating roadkill for the past 30 years.

When I say roadkill, I mean mice, moles, hedgehogs, squirrels, rats, foxes, badgers, hares, rabbits, deer, stoats, weasels, polecats, otters, wildcats, pheasants, finches, ducks, geese, pigeons, owls, crows, and so forth.

In this article, Jonathan describes the flavors of some of the animals he's dined on:
  • FoxesDelicious . . . It is a lean meat and there is never any fat. Young foxes . . . taste slightly like chicken.
  • Mice - They taste weird - there is no other food quite like them. They aren't particularly nice and have a very bitter flavor. They are of course so small that they are almost worthless.
  • Rats - They are most delicious . . . They are quite like pork but quite salty. They are delicious and the meat is great on its own.
  • MolesThey are horrible and have a rancid taste. They have an unpleasant taste in their skin to ward off predators. Wild animals don't eat them. I've only had one once and never again.
  • Hedgehogs - When you get in it's all fatty meat. It's not nice but okay if you like eating fatty foods.
  • Squirrels - They are most delicious. They provide a good firm white meat which is quite similar to rabbit but not as overpowering. Not many animals taste like what they eat but squirrels do have a nutty flavour. It's fantastic stuff.
You may be wondering what Jonathan does for a living. He’s a taxidermist. Surprised? Me neither. But even so, WHY does this man do this? His answer actually makes sense. To find out what he says, go to this Daily Mail article!

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