October 16, 2011

Global Interest in Saddam Hussein’s Butt

From the National Post
In 2003, a British soldier named Nigel “Spud” Ely was serving in Iraq. He was there when the famous statue of Saddam Hussein was pulled down. And with the help of another soldier with a crowbar and sledgehammer, he pried off one-half of the statue’s butt.

Ely snuck the butt out of Iraq by claiming it was military vehicle armor. Now he’s putting the bronze butt cheek up for auction, with proceeds to help other veterans. Anyway, this has caused a frenzy of headlines in bad taste (e.g., "You could own a piece of Saddam Hussein's butt" or this post's title). Here's more! 
  • Saddam’s bronze butt is now up for grabs
  • Bum deal for Iraq souvenir hunters
  • Soldier offers cheeky deal
  • War relic is prized ass-et
  • Cashing a cheek: Soldier sees bottom line in Saddam’s ass 
Update: Saddam's butt didn't sell!

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