October 5, 2011

What do you get when you combine slime and mold?

I write quite a bit about slime molds in The Big Book of Gross Stuff. These should be the most disgusting organisms on the face of the earth. After all, just look at that name:


But the more I’ve learned about slime molds, the less gross they seem. Sure, they’re slimy and moldy. Yes, they can crawl around and turn into a “gigantic, pulsating networks of protoplasm.” 

But they’re so pretty! I mean, look at this slime mold in the forest. Nice color! And when I touch it— urk, the slime mold seems to be paralyzing my hand. Now my whole arm is numb . . . can’t type . . . good grief, I’m being eaten by a gigantic, pulsating network of protoplasm!

Oh well. See you tomorrow!
Photos from the New York Times.

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