November 3, 2011

Do not, I repeat, DO NOT pump your own gas!

By Robert S. Donovan
A study has found that the filthiest, most disgusting thing that people touch on the way to work is a gas pump.

Which actually makes sense! Yep, hand after greasy hand touches those pumps, and for some reason, we just don’t think about it. Sure, we’ll wipe down the handle of a shopping cart before pushing it through the grocery store, but not the gas pump. Go figure! 

Anyway, here’s the worst things in order of grossness:
  • gas pumps,
  • handles on public mailboxes
  • escalator rails
  • ATM buttons
  • parking meters
  • crosswalk buttons

BTW, here in Oregon, it’s illegal for drivers to pump their own gas. So I don’t have to worry about touching the gas pump. High five!

On second thought, forget the high-five. Germs, you know.

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