November 21, 2011

The time will come when you enter a disgusting public restroom.

When it does, contact the group that is there for you: The American Restroom Association.

It was at this site that I learned about the book Void Where Prohibited: Rest Breaks and the Right to Urinate on Company Time. This is funny, because "void" has two meanings. It can be defined as "not allowed" or "discharging pee or poop from your bladder or bowels."

I also liked this passionate blurb about the book from Bernard Lown, M.D.:
"I read this informative book with disbelief and mounting rage. Being denied the biologic right to urinate not only injures the kidneys but is probably a potent risk factor for heart problems. [Wait, holding your pee causes heart attacks?!] It has been amply demonstrated that work pressure, no-exit situations, and psychologic stressors predispose to progressions of coronary vascular disease. I can think of few stresses more intolerable than the pressures of a full bladder. [I know, right?] Not even criminals in solitary confinement confront such torment. This is a vitally important book. It merits the widest dissemination. Without public pressure, such demeaning of human beings will not be halted."

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