November 22, 2011

I want to be an entomophagist when I grow up!

Photo by Matthew Krisiloff
Do you like honey? How about bacon? If you answered yes to those questions, then you would LOVE eating some male bee larvae. It’s apparently delicious, according to a guy named Matthew Krisiloff, president of Entom Foods.

Of course, he has a reason for saying that. “Entomology” is the study of insects, and Entom Foods will sell insects that you can eat. (Eating bugs is called entomophagy, BTW.)

The key to the company's success will be removing the crunchy bits from crickets and grasshoppers like this big green critter and just feeding you the good parts, sort of like how we eat lobster or crab.

Why eat bugs? Well, it’s much better for the environment if you farm bugs, not cows. And grasshopper meat has as much protein and way more calcium as beef.

Of course, just because it’s logical doesn’t mean people will actually DO it. As for me, I’d be happy to try some male bee larvae!

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