December 14, 2011

Make a wish on burning astronaut underwear!

I’m guessing you already knew there was an International Space Station circling the Earth. It’s been up in orbit for over ten years, and it’s pretty awesome except for ONE thing:


Because astronauts can’t wash their clothes, and because it costs so much money to launch clothes into space, astronauts usually wear their underwear for three or four days

After that, they’d put the dirty grundies into a dirty-underwear space capsule (really). Once full, this capsule would be ejected from the ISS, and would descend to Earth, where it would burn up in the atmosphere.

So it’s possible that at some point you’ve wished upon a shooting star that was actually burning astronaut underwear.

Oops, almost forgot to tell you: After all that time of wearing dirty underwear, the astronauts finally got a laundry machine. Yes! 

Photos from NASA and evosia.

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