January 19, 2012

They're called "Toylets"— Get it? Get it?

Although the idea of urinal games is no longer new, this is interesting: Sega is putting in “Toylets” in Tokyo urinals.

This involves a game screen in front of the pee-er, who can choose from games like “Mannekin Pis” (measures how hard you can pee) and “Graffiti Eraser” (you remove paint by aiming a hose in different directions).

Hey, but what if you’re trying to, er, remove graffiti and you miss the urinal?
An infra-red device cuts off play if gamers stray too far from the urinal, reducing the amount of mess.
A Sega spokesperson said, “At first, we thought it would really be only young people who would like this kind of game. But ... we're seeing this phenomenon where people are enjoying playing with it, regardless of age.”

Yeah, just like kids, old men will spell their names in the snow, too! (Via.)

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