February 15, 2012

Kiviaq: The Delicacy That’s Impossible to Eat

If you visit the Inuits in Greenland, you may be offered some Kiviaq. What’s that? You don’t know what Kiviaq is? Good thing you came here! Here's how this delicious dish is made.
1. Kill a seal. Skin it and cut all meat off the skin. (This gives you skin with a layer of fat attached. 
2. Sew the fatty skin into a bag. Leave one side open. 
3. Catch and kill a few hundred auk birds. 
4. Stuff them into the seal skin bag. Now sew the bag shut and smear fat all over it. 
5. Cover this fatty bird-bag with rocks. Leave it alone for anywhere from 3-18 months. 
6. Remove rocks. Retrieve rotting bag. Open it up. Start eating the raw, rotting, fermented sea birds that were wrapped in a seal carcass
7. Wonder why you are in Greenland barfing your brains out.
Bon appétit!
Hot tip from Oddity Central, photo via.

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