November 21, 2013

Say "Nose Cheese"!

Cheese is weird. It’s curdled milk that has bacteria in it—LOTS of bacteria. And guess what? The bacteria can come from lots of places. For example you could make cheese with human bacteria from toe jam. Or inside your nose…or your belly button.

I mention this because some lunatics—I mean, scientists have made cheese from the bacteria in human tears, toe jam, and belly buttons. That photo is belly button cheese—and it came from author Michael Pollan’s belly button!

And scientist Christina Agapakis had some cool stuff to say, too.
"Despite [their] chemical and biological similarities, there are obviously very different cultural and emotional responses to stinky cheese and stinky feet. By making cheese directly from the microbes on the body, we want to highlight these bacterial connections as well as to question and potentially expand the role of both odours and microbes in our lives."
But what does this stuff taste like?
"Nobody will eat these cheeses, but we hope that the cheese can inspire new conversations about our relationship to the body and to our bacteria."

In other words: “WE ARE WUSSIES!”

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