August 11, 2010

Gross, Disgusting, Repulsive Animals (and the humans who love them!)

Yesterday, I was reading an article about animals that freak humans out. I actually disagreed with lots of its choices (manatees are NOT gross), but I'll admit that the star-nosed mole can still get to me.
Gary Meszaros/Photo Researchers
That nose with those fleshy feelers...oy vey! But the best animal photos ran in the reader submissions. Here's a few of the animals that people thought were repulsive...and sometimes, lovable!
Rebecca Bazell is asked, "Is that a pig on a leash?"

Jamie Peyton can't figure out where this turtle's face is. Neither can I!
Rick Korchak calls his cat A.L.F.: Alien Life Form.
Frank Funicello nominated the marabou stork.
And my award-winner is Carol Rabenhorst's picture of a sea anemone eating seaweed! Oh, blech.
Star-nosed mole photo by Gary Meszaros.
All other photos from the New York Times reader gallery.

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