January 4, 2011

THE BIG BOOK OF GROSS STUFF can save your life!

By Jsome1
I'll let a doctor named Valerie Curtis explain. She says that disgustkeeps us away from [the germs] that would eat us up from the inside.”

That’s why rotten meat, dead bodies, and poop gross EVERYONE out. And everyTHING, too. When worms sense bacteria, they crawl away as fast as they can. (If we could read their worm-minds, they’d be saying, “Blech.”)

Dr. Curtis has some good quotes in this article:
By Ben Husmann
“If I go around leaving poo in your front lawn or spitting in your cups or making nasty smells, [then] I'm threatening you with my bodily fluids.” 
She also says that disgust created good manners: “Simple rules about not getting other people sick with your emanations.”

I like that! It’s not poop, vomit, or pee: It’s an emanation.

Anyway, you may be wondering how reading The Big Book of Gross Stuff can save your life. Well, I lied. And if you think that’s bad manners, you have to admit that a little gross lie is more polite than getting someone’s emanations on you!

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