February 21, 2012

The Fart Battle of Medieval Japan

Hundreds of years ago, a Japanese artist painted a series of scrolls (fart scrolls, if you will) that show fart battles. Named He-Gassen (the Fart Battle), they are pretty funny, in a medieval Japan sort of way. Thanks to Tofugu for sharing these with the world.

Warning: These images do show medieval people bending and bombing.
In this scene, a warrior runs away while leaving his enemies something to remember him by.
"You can try to hide from our farts, but no shield is powerful enough!"

This cat appears to be in a fart tractor-beam. (Why is he battling a cat?)

Ooh, these military geniuses saved up their bombs in a bag. Nice one!

Fan it back at them! (You know the old saying, "The best defense is a good offense against offensive odors.")

Power Prizewinner: Uprooting a tree with a left-cheek sneak.

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